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Statement by the Catholic Church on the LDS Mormon church
    As Catholics, we have to make very clear to them their practice of so-called rebaptism is unacceptable from the standpoint of Catholic truth." The Catholic Church will eventually open a dialogue with the Mormons about the rebaptism issue, Father Massa said, "but we are at the beginning of the beginning of a new relationship with the LDS.

Three Difficult Questions for Mormons Catholic Answers
    Do Mormons know the true nature of God? Because they believe the Church established by Christ 2,000 years ago fell completely away from his teachings within a century or so of his death, Mormons argue that only a thorough “restoration” (and not a simple “reformation”) of the true Church and its holy doctrines would lead man to salvation.

Problems with the Book of Mormon Catholic Answers ...
    Mormons teach that, after Jesus ascended into heaven, the apostles taught the true doctrines of Christ and administered his sacred ordinances (roughly the equivalent of Catholic sacraments). After the death of the apostles, their successors continued the work of the gospel, but with rapidly declining success.

Mormons and Catholics have a lot to talk about
    Oct 01, 2014 · But although Mormons and Catholics both have a tendency to feel besieged by the surrounding secular culture, they have much more to talk about than conventional conservative politics.

How the faithful voted: A ... - Pew Research Center
    Nov 09, 2016 · Trump’s strong support among white Catholics propelled him to a 7-point edge among Catholics overall (52% to 45%) despite the fact that Hispanic Catholics backed Clinton over Trump by a 41-point margin (67% to 26%). Like Hispanic Catholics, religious …

Kanye West Defends Mormons, Catholics, and T.D. Jakes ...
    Kanye West Defends Mormons, Catholics, and T.D. Jakes, Says We All Have the Same Gospel Posted by Jeff Maples There has been much hoopla in the last several weeks surrounding Kanye West and his supposed conversion to Christianity.

Catholic support for Trump declines, according to latest poll
    Mar 19, 2019 · Comparatively, among white evangelical Protestants, that number is much higher, with seven in ten evangelicals still expressing approval for the president, and black Protestant support at …

Catholics Among the Mormons - Franciscan Media
    On that issue, Catholics and Mormons eventually cooperated to discourage such a project in Utah. “My way of working,” Dee explains, “is to call issues to [LDS] attention.” When she has invited an expert to brief Catholics on an issue, she tries to arrange a briefing for other Church and civic leaders as well.

Catholics and Mormons have more in ... -
    Jan 04, 2018 · Catholics and Mormons have more in common than we may think ... and it’s no wonder that so many non-Mormon relief groups receive Mormon support. ...

Holy Envy: What This Catholic Learned About Missionary ...
    Jan 26, 2018 · Nevertheless, one potential advantage Catholics have is that their missionary endeavor is not centralized – not all mission callings need to go through the Vatican. That might seem like a disadvantage to many Mormons, but the closer an initiative is to the local beneficiary, the more likely people are to wholeheartedly support it.

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