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ZSNES board - View topic - XBox 360 controller

    Mar 25, 2008 · I'm having a bit of a techincal issue with using my 360 controller. When I have my controller on and I start up Zsnes. I get no sound whatever. If I start the emulator, then turn on the controller, then I get nothing at all, the controller won't register. I hope there's a fix to this problem and I'm not the only one having it either. Thanks.

How to make any NES emulator with controller support

    Jul 17, 2018 · Make a ZSNES controller support config ZSNES was developed back in 1997, and it’s a Super Nintendo Entertainment System emulator that is completely free to use. The huge perk is that you can play good old games on PC: Final Fight, Uniracers, Top Gear 2 and a lot of other games are now playable, even if you don’t have a console.

Steam Link - Xbox 360/ZSNES Emulator :: Steam Link General ...

    Dec 05, 2015 · Hey all! I tried last night to set up my xbox 360 wireless controller to work with ZSNES and it works fine when the wireless controller/adapter is set up directly to the PC. However, when I bring it downstairs and connect it to the Steam Link, I go through the controller set up and it doesn't let me pass 'START'. I can select up, down, left, right on the D-pad but when I get to START, I hit ...

xbox 360 controller with zsnes - The Emulator Zone

    Nov 06, 2008 · Is there a way to use my xbox 360 controller with the zsnes emulator? I use it on my other pc games but I am new to the emulator thing and I tried to set the keys in the menu but it wouldn't let me set them. I just used the driver that came with the wireless access point for the controller that I bought. Any thoughts? Thanks.

SNES360 (Snes Xbox 360 Emulator) Beta V0.21 Download ...

    Apr 30, 2014 · - SRAM save support linked to a user profile - Filters : Simple2x, Scanlines, TV Mode, Super Eagle, Super 2xSAI, HQ2x - Turbo Mode (Right Trigger) - Aspect Ratio/Stretch Mode support - SaveStates (currently 1 per rom) - Previews Usage This is an Xbox 360 Game On Demand Package. Unrar it and place it in HDD:\Content\0000000000000000\

how to get ZSNES to recognize USB controller?

    Jan 07, 2005 · quick question, hope someone can answer this. i bought a logitech controller (like a playstation controller but it plugs into the USB port on a computer) for playing roms on emulators. my first attempt at using it is with ZSNES but it doesnt seem to know there's any controller in there? like when i go to configure-input #1, my only choices are [none] and [keyboard/joystick]. anyone know …

ZSNES working with XBOX One wireless controller & adapter ...

    Feb 10, 2016 · Hi all, Just wanted to share my experience getting ZSNES and XBONE controller w/ wireless adapter working on Windows 7. It was a shockingly unintuitive process at times, but the result is that I can now play FF2 from my living room! NOTE: As a (sort of) workaround for most people trying to use the XBOX One wireless adapter with the Steam Link, I'd recommend first plugging the adapter …

Emulator Problem: 360 Controller on Snes9x-gtk

    Nov 22, 2019 · Hello everyone, this is my first message! I hope this is the right section and that you could help me. I've installed the Snes emulatore Snes9x-gtk via software manager on linux mint 18. It works really well except for the joypad configuration. It's as if the controller (x360 wired controller) is not there, i can't map buttons.

Help with Start button function for zSNES with xbox 360 ...

    Help with Start button function for zSNES with xbox 360 controller on windows 7x64 Never had this issue until today. When I press 'Start' on my X360 controller I pause the game but I also bring up the ZSNES overlay (config, menu, etc.), so the 'Start' is triggering both at the same time.

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