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Operating System Support

    Red Hat 5 support is dropped since ACDS 18.0 onwards. Starting with Nios II EDS in Intel Quartus Prime Pro Edition version 19.2 and Intel Quartus Prime Standard Edition version 19.1, the Cygwin component in the Windows version of Nios II EDS has been removed and replaced with WSL.

Intel® Quartus® Prime Download - Intel® Quartus® Prime ...

    The Intel® Quartus® Prime Standard Edition software includes extensive support for earlier device families in addition to the Intel® Cyclone® 10 LP device family. Download now (paid license required)

Quartus II Stand-Alone Programmer v12.1

    Download Option 1: Individual Files. Download large, standalone installation files to manually install complete software and device support. Note: If you download and install only the Quartus® II software, subsequently you must also download and install the device support .

How to start Quartus in Linux? - Intel® Community Forum

    Basically, you have to fire up "quartus" binary in either 32 or 64 bit mode (depends on your architecture). The binary is located under "bin" in the installation directory (that you choose when installing). You can find it using "find" shell command. something like: find INSTALLATION_DIR -name "quartus"

Quartus II Installation - Clemson CECAS

    Then go to the quartus_II_web-free folder. Copy the linux folder to a location on your computer such as ~/Desktop . Once the folder is finished copying, open a terminal. Change the directory to the location on your computer where you copied the folder to. If you copied it to ~/Desktop, the command would be : cd ~/Desktop/linux

Quartus installation on Linux - ArmadeusWiki

    Version 15.1 with update (click on updates tab). In Complete Download chapter, download the big archive with update 1 (7.6GB) on the download center (free Altera account needed):; Quartus-lite- Watch a good movie (min 2 hours) Move the big archive in …

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