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CgFx support in OGRE - Ogre Forums

    Sep 23, 2008 · I have been working on a new nun-roadmap feature - support for CgFx. First of all let me explain the need as I see it - every time I create a shader in a shader creation tool like Render Monkey or FXComposer or mental mill - it takes me a long time to translate it to files that will work with OGRE - material, program, *.cg and such.

OgreCollada Ogre Wiki

    Multiple-Cg-profile support. The way that CgFX and .fx work is that each technique targets a single shader profile. Ogre, on the other hand, can check against a list of supported profiles. The design decision to provide this support in OgreCollada is to leverage the <shader>-element annotations to provide additional profiles to check. At ...

GlowBalloon CG Shader Ogre Wiki

    Unfortunately it was a CGFX shader and ogre does not support .cgfx shaders. So I had to convert it to .cg. It's not really that hard, actually, and this is coming from someone with next to zero shader knowledge. Just keep the manual pages close to hand :P The original shader.

Maya Cg Plug-inNVIDIA

    The Maya Cg Plug-in supports the CgFX file format (.fx) and automatically provides intuitive interface controls and semantics to users and developers alike - for editing shader effects in real-time. Since the CgFX format also supports both DirectX and OpenGL, developers may encapsulate a series of fallback techniques for rendering any effect.

oFusion - Ogre Addon Forums

    CgFX, HLSL -how to use w. Ofusion? (Mental Mill) no shaderfx: 5: hedphelym: 09-11-2008 13:58:52 [Solved] Possible to remove the big logo in viewport? 4: hedphelym: 07-11-2008 13:49:48: Which version shaderFX support ofusion pro? 3: hangchon18: 07-11-2008 07:09:24: Ofusion and shoggoth: 11: Evak: 06-11-2008 17:14:35: problem in assign shader in ...

NVIDIA Shader Library

    NVIDIA Shader Library. With a wide range of shaders including skin, natural effects, metals, post processing effects, and much more, the NVIDIA Shader Library exists to help developers easily find and integrate great shaders into their projects.

glFX - OpenGL: GLSL - Khronos Forums

    Mar 17, 2019 · Collada is too complex for a so little task and maybe is better to expand the feeling software Maya-plugin to support GLSL (actually export a lot of the Collada stuff and cgFX shader). And then I have to support all the collada architecture in my program… I’m not happy with that.

NYWF - Maya Shelf Tutorial Video on Vimeo

    This is a tutorial video I created to support the Maya Shelf. And walk one through creating cgFX materials, tweak them, distribute instanced objects, rename hundreds of nodes at once and exporting/converting the scene from Maya to the Ogre 3D engine using the OgreMax exporter.

Roman Vasilyev - DevOps Consultant - Walmart eCommerce ...

    Development of a cross platform graphics engine based on OGRE (open graphic rendering engine) to provide visualization of a slot machine game process. ... It also was used to support CgFX and ...Title: DevOps Consultant at Walmart …

CGFX shader released for previewing all your maps in Maya ...

    Dec 11, 2012 · This is how Ogre looks for example, within your viewport, no rendering needed. Hope this helps some people, enjoy! I'll make some notes about usage: 1. Apply a blank CGFX shader to your object (both Max and Maya have it in their shader list by default), then choose to load the downloaded CGFX file. And you're ready to go!

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