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Netbeans - Add Python Support Programster's Blog
    Netbeans - Add Python Support. Python Netbeans. Netbeans is my IDE of choice as a PHP, Java, and C++ developer on Linux (but it also works on windows). Unfortunately there is no download option for supporting python. Also, you will not find "python" plugins when searching for installable plugins from the plugin manager. This tutorial will show ...

Python - NetBeans Wiki
    Python support in NetBeans This project is a community-driven effort. Oracle does not actively participate in or directly support this effort. If you are using NetBeans 8.1, you can access the plugin directly from the IDE 8.1 Tools->Plugin menu.See also the Python 8.1 plugin page This plugin ONLY works with IDE 8.1. For questions and comments, log on to

    Welcome to nbPython! The nbPython Project develops and maintains Python support for the NetBeans IDE (Python plugins). Our primary goals are to (1) meet the Quality Criteria for NetBeans plugins, and (2) add new functionality.Our ultimate goal is to make nbPython the best choice for a multipurpose Python …

PythonInstall - NetBeans Wiki
    Installing Python support for NetBeans IDE. There are several ways you can install Python 1. NetBeans 8.1. If you are using NetBeans 8.1, by 30-Nov-2015 you should be able to access the plugin directly from the IDE 8.1 Tools->Plugin menu.In the meantime, you can download a .zip file containing the plugins from the Plugin Portal at This plugin ONLY works with IDE 8.1.

Does NetBeans support Python? - Quora
    Nov 09, 2015 · Yes, NetBeans has support for Python via plugins (though, this functionality is not supported directly by Oracle, which acquired NetBeans (along with Java) when Oracle acquired Sun in 2010). The Python support for NetBeans is supported by a "commu...

Python in NetBeans IDE 8.0.2 Oracle Geertjan's Blog
    Netbeans improves a lot adding Python, as other languages. I use Netbeans on a USB drive to program Java, so I have on the USB drive the directory \netbeans with Netbeans program files and another one with the JDK. I also modified the file netbeans.conf and I can run Netbeans and program on Java SE on computers without JDK installed.

Get nbPython
    Get nbPython There are four ways you can install nbPython support for NetBeans IDE: 1. For NetBeans IDE 8.1, It's in the IDE! Invoke Tools->Plugins, check the "available" list for Python!

Netbeans 8.2 Python Plugin - Stack Overflow
    An advantage with NetBeans is that you can have multiple versions installed on the same OS, just maintain your old '8.1' just for Python purposes as a newer plugin is being built while you use your newer NetBeans versions for your other programming languages. – Raymond Wachaga Jan 12 at 2:42

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