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    [the name of the parent company] is willing to provide immediate financial support to [the name of the subsidiary] in case of its financial difficulties provided that the Company’s Management Board has submitted a reasoned application for that purpose, and if necessary, invest additional funds essential to ensure that the [the name of the subsidiary] will continue as a going concern.

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    A comfort letter is a document of assurance issued by a parent company or an accounting firm to reassure a subsidiary company of its willingness to provide financial support. It is an affirmation letter, not a confirmation letter, that offers backups where a customer requires a loan or a company needs financial help.

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    May 14, 2013 · The subsidiary’s accounts over that period had been prepared on a going concern basis, and for the last two years had stated that this was based principally on the letter of continuing financial...

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    The former parent company’s letter of support was made as an alternative to credit insurance or a bank guarantee. In connection with the Parent Company taking over the entire share capital of the Subsidiary, the Trading Partner had raised the claim that the Parent Company should make a letter of support corresponding to the one made by the former parent company.

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    Sep 28, 2006 · One tool used by the external auditor is to obtain confirmation from its financiers like its holding company or its sister subsidiaries whether they would be “ pulling the plug” by asking the audited companies to pay up its debts owing to them. Append below is such a Sample of Letter Of Financial Support. Date: XX/XX/XXXX. Name Of Auditor. Address

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    The letter of financial support is an undertaking, usually but not necessary by a holding company giving comfort about financial support to be provided to its subsidiary company. The letter of financial support is used as a mean of obtaining audit evidence for events which may give rise


    In a Letter of Comfort the parent company does not bind itself to pay the debts of its subsidiary in the case that the subsidiary does not pay. The parent company confines itself only to its own specific legal obligations. The title given to such a document is of no legal value.

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    Also known as a comfort letter, a keepwell agreement is a contract between a parent company and its subsidiary to maintain solvency and financial backing throughout the term set in the agreement.

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    Sample Letter of Comfort [The letter should be on the parent bank’s letterhead] To: The Monetary Authority . Subject: [Name of AI] (“the Company”) The Banking Ordinance, Cap 155 (“the Ordinance”) In support of an application by the Company for authorization as [ ] under the Ordinance, we state and confirm the following: 1.

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    A support letter is a proclamation that the writer will support a person or cause. A financial support letter for a family member is usually for attending college or other educational program. Today, many students need to go into huge debt in order to attend college.

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