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Electronic performance support systems - Wikipedia

    Designing and Developing Electronic Performance Support Systems, Lesley A. Brown, 1996, Digital Press; Designing EPSS for the Marine Industry [PDF]. Ashok Banerji and Rajan Bhandari. International Conference on Computers in Education, December 2–6, 1997, Kuching, Sarawak, Malayasia.

Electronic Performance Support Systems and Technological ...

    electronic performance support systems and how they are used to support work is explored. Third, the role of theoretical constructs within cognition and constructivism and their relation-ship to the development of technological litera-cy is discussed. Finally, the challenges faced by trainers and technical educators as they integrate

Performance Support: More Than Just Training - eLearning ...

    May 31, 2014 · Performance Support: More Than Just Training. Training and Performance Support - Is there any Difference? 3 Important Features of Performance Support Tools. ... "Electronic Performance Support Systems" (EPSSs), usually available on mobile devices, are known to be really convenient with amazing take-up rates for the sole reason that workers ...

Types of EPSS

    New systems with integrated performance support: New systems with integrated performance support are designed with no reference to an existing system, and with performance support built in. They support a wide variety of job tasks, instead of narrow ones, as do the stand-alone tools described above.

What is Electronic Performance Support and What Isn't

    An electronic performance support system displays some or most of the following characteristics. Computer-based. EPSSs are computer-based, which is what the "electronic" in their name indicates. There have been older attempts at performance support systems, such as a series of manuals, job aids, and other paper material.

Lessons Learned in Implementing Performance Support Platforms

    Jun 04, 2012 · “Day One Performance” was a vision developed in the 1990s by Gery (1991) and other EPSS (Electronic Performance Support Systems) practitioners. This vision portrays a seemingly perfect solution for corporate IT competency challenges. The solution was based on the most basic form of workplace learning: apprenticeship. The innovation this solution brought forth was that in the modern ...

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