Does The Custodial Parent Ever Pay Child Support

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Does a custodial parent ever have to pay child support to ...
    Recently, someone asked me whether it was possible that a custodial parent might ever be ordered to pay child support to the non-custodial parent ["NCP"]. My answer was "Yes, that can occur under certain circumstances.". Normally, it's a situation where there is a large disparity between the income of the custodial parent and the NCP.

Does the Custodial Parent Have to Pay Child Support?
    In the majority of cases, the answer is no. The custodial parent is the one who cares for and physically has the child or children with them most often. Therefore, they are the parent or guardian who receives the child support. Thus, they do not pay any money to the other parent or guardian at all.

Will Sole Custody Affect Child Support? LegalZoom Legal Info
    The non-custodial parent typically pays child support to the custodial parent to cover the child's living expenses. Sole Physical Custody and Child Support Obligations A court often awards sole physical custody to one parent so the child can stay in one …

Does the custodial parent ever have to pay child support ...
    Mar 05, 2007 · Typically, the non-custodial parent pays the custodial parent to cover the costs of the child living with that parent for the majority of the time. In joint custody, the incomes of both parents will still be taken into account and if they are substantially equal, the child support can be reduced.5/5(2.2K)

FAMILY LAW: Child Support Guidelines Authorize Payment ...
    Jul 25, 2012 · Courts in several states have interpreted their child support guidelines to allow an order that directs the custodial parent to pay support to the noncustodial parent under appropriate circumstances. Among these is the Supreme Court of Indiana. In Grant v.

What to Know About Joint Custody Child Support Rules
    Some parents negotiate an oral agreement that allows them to avoid paying child support to the custodial parent when the child is not in their care (say, if a child spends a summer with a non-custodial parent). Additionally, some written agreements will specifically address when support is paid and when it does not need to be paid.

How to Get Back Child Support Waived LegalZoom Legal Info
    If the court finds that the custodial parent can support the child financially without the past due support, the court is likely to accept the agreement. If the court believes that the child needs the past due support, the court can refuse the agreement. There is …

The Basics of Joint Custody and Child Support ...
    But there are many key factors that may affect the amount of child support owed. When one parent has sole physical custody, typically the other parent will be responsible for making child support payments. These child support payments help the custodial parent with providing shelter, food, clothing, and other necessities for their children.

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