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What Does the Church Teach About IVF? Catholics Come Home
    Why does the Church oppose in vitro fertilization? ... The Catholic Church celebrates human life and the family more than perhaps any other institution in today’s world. The Church recognizes that infertility can be a great cross for couples to carry. The Church is a compassionate and loving mother, and thus she encourages infertile couples ...

Begotten, Not Made: The Vatican Doesn’t Want IVF Babies
    Oct 11, 2015 · The logic of the Catholic Church rules out many techniques used to help infertile couples. ... is on the widely accepted fertility treatment of in vitro fertilization or IVF (which has led to the ...Occupation: Correspondent-At-Large

Begotten Not Made: A Catholic View of Reproductive Technology
    One reproductive technology which the Church has clearly and unequivocally judged to be immoral is in vitro fertilization or IVF. Unfortunately, most Catholics are not aware of the Church's teaching, do not know that IVF is immoral, and some have used it in attempting to have children.

ICYMI: Catholic Church does not support IVF – Fr. Nnemeka ...
    Mar 18, 2019 · Samson Folarin The parish priest of St. Cyprian Catholic Church, Oko-Oba, Agege, Rev. Fr. Augustine Nnemeka, has said it is wrong for members of the Catholic Church to go for In Vitro …

“Ask a Priest: May a Catholic Couple Undergo an IVF ...
    The Church doesn’t implicate that IVF is a sin, it the Church said it is a sin it’s whole process would mean: evil parents and evil child. 6. I’ve learned and taught the Church Stance is Immoral acts and contains sinful acts. Even though the Immoral acts are present, it’s the sinful acts within the Procedure is sinful, which is evil.

I'm Catholic, & Did IVF Anyway - HelloFlo
    Sep 29, 2017 · “A church should have open arms, especially since it’s a baby that didn’t do anything wrong. We only wished to have kids like others do naturally, but we couldn’t. All in all, we were very saddened and disappointed to learn of the teachings of the Catholic Church.” Indeed, Catholicism takes a pretty strong stance against IVF.

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