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Does PoE work over Cat5E? - Cisco Community
    Re: Does PoE work over Cat5E? Cat5e is rated for Gig speeds but they will not tolerate as much frequency interference as Cat 6 will. Both are rated for Gig speeds, it …

Can I use CAT 5 Cable in Power over Ethernet applications?
    [Q] Can I use CAT 5 Cable in Power over Ethernet applications? [A] Yes.Power over Ethernet is a developing technology whereby supply voltage is provided to certain types of devices through the same cable that is providing the data signal, such as CAT 5 Cable.This is also called "Active Ethernet".

How to Choose the Best Poe Cabling PLANET Technology USA
    When you are looking for the best PoE cabling, you get what you pay for. In a recent article, Networkworld reported on poor quality Cat5e and Cat6 cabling purchased through Amazon. This just goes to show that even reliable providers like Amazon can occasionally slip.

How Long of a Cat5 run will support a WAP with PoE ...
    Oct 14, 2014 · Cat5e and Cat6 both have the same diameter copper wires in them so that will not change the issue. The issue is that you are sending a DC voltage and current over a long copper run. The size of the wire and the distance will determine if the POE will have enough current and voltage by the time it reached the end of the run.

The case for Cat 6A over Cat 5e in PoE applications ...
    It later expands the findings to PoE Plus scenarios. In the paper's conclusion, Gould states, "With the world's ever-growing demand for energy, finding new and more-efficient ways to deliver it is essential. PoE not only decreases infrastructure material, when run over Cat 6A, it delivers power more efficiently.

VoIP and PoE with Cat5e vs Cat6 cables - TechRepublic
    Cat5e is going to be cheaper and plenty for your needs. The only thing you would need Cat6 for is if you are planning a gigabit network. Cat5e will support gigabit as well but the cable is maxed out.

Is all Cat6 are POE support ? : HomeNetworking
    Is all Cat6 are POE support ? I know that the 802.3 standards is for the POE. but sometimes vendors doesn't mention that spec. therefore, if the cable is already CAT6 cable & TIA 568-c, does that mean it is POE support ? and what class ? ... Yes, Cat5e, Cat6 cable and "RJ45"-style connectors can be used to support …

How to Choose Cables for Power Over Ethernet? FS Community
    Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a technology that allows network cables to carry electrical current to power devices rather than by power cords. From late 1990’s, PoE has been widely used since it’s a reliable and cost-effective solution to provide both data and power over a single cable.

POE Explained - Understanding and using Power over Ethernet
    Power over Ethernet (POE) Explained Part 2 - Demystifying POE Myths and misconceptions POE is a recently-developed technology, and many people are put off adopting it by the raft of conflicting or out-of-date information that is available on the subject.

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