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Form 13: Financial Statement (Support Claims)

    Court File Number (Name of Court) Form 13: Financial Statement (Support Claims) sworn/affirmed at Court office address Applicant(s) Full legal name & address for service — street & number, municipality, postal code, telephone & fax numbers and e-mail address (if any).

Form 13.1: Financial at Statement (Property and Support ...

    Form 13.1: Financial Statement (Property and Support Claims) sworn/affirmed. Applicant(s) ... • you are making or responding to a claim for support but NOT making or responding to a claim for property or exclusive possession of the matrimonial home and its contents. 3.

Part 4: Financial Statements - Ontario

    You must update your Financial Statement (Form 13 or Form 13.1): Before any case conference, motion, settlement conference, or trial if your last Financial Statement is more than 30 calendar days old, or; If there has been a significant change in your financial situation (e.g., amount of income), regardless of the stage of your case.

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    Form 13.1: Financial Statement (Property and Support Claims): Use this form if you, or your partner, are asking to divide property and debts. You and your partner may also be asking for support. You also have to fill out Form 13A: Certificate of Financial Disclosure. In it, you list all the documents that support the information you gave in ...

How to Prepare a Financial Statement - Law Society of Ontario

    1 Determine which financial statement form is required. Form 13 (Support Claims) Family Law Rules (Forms): when making or responding to a claim for support, but not making or responding to a claim for property or exclusive possession of the matrimonial home or its contents; Review Rule 13(3.1) and (3.2)

ONTARIO Court File Number Ontario Family Court of the ...

    Form 13.1: Financial Statement (Page 5) Court file number 04FL1234 LAW SOCIETY OF UPPER CANADA: NOT TO BE USED OR REPRODUCED WITHOUT PERMISSION DIVORCEmate Software Inc. (416) 718-3461 www.divorcemate.com 7.1.04 PART 7: ASSETS IN AND OUT OF ONTARIO If any sections of Parts 7 to 12 do not apply, do not leave blank, print “NONE” in the section.

What is a financial statement? What documents do I have to ...

    Jul 31, 2017 · Rule 13: Financial disclosure requires you to fill out a financial statement court form if your court case deals with child support, spousal support, or dividing property.. You can also use the financial statement court forms if you're not in court. The forms can be useful because they show you what the court looks at when deciding your support and property issues.

To Complete a Financial Statement - British Columbia

    To Complete a Financial Statement Please read these instructions carefully. You may not have to complete this form at all. Or, you may only have to complete parts of it. DO fill out this form if: • there is a claim, either by you or against you, for spousal support, or variation of an existing order or agreement,

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    a Change Information form (Form 15A) a Certificate of Financial Disclosure form (Form 13A) a Financial Statement (Form 13) if you are requesting a change to child or spousal support only; a Financial Statement – Property and Support Claims (Form 13.1) if you are also making a property claim; The responding party should also be served with:

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    Apr 01, 2019 · Form 13: Financial Disclosure tells you the financial information and other documents you have to give the court. But, if the amount of child support you're asking for is similar to the amount you would get under the Child Support Guidelines and child support tables, you don't have to fill out a financial statement.

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