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    Added by Acts 1995, 74th Leg., ch. 20, Sec. 1, eff. April 20, 1995. Sec. 154.130. FINDINGS IN CHILD SUPPORT ORDER. (a) Without regard to Rules 296 through 299, Texas Rules of Civil Procedure, in rendering an order of child support, the court shall make the findings required by Subsection (b) if:

Collecting Unpaid Child Support That is 10 Years Plus Old

    May 31, 2001 · The child support obligor argued the statute of limitations has run on this remedy. The appellate court agreed with the child support obligee, the ten year time period for a cumulative money judgement is not a statute of limitations on child support enforcement and child support collection. 48 S.W.3d 831 (Cite as: 48 S.W.3d 831)

What Is the Statute of Limitations on Back Child Support ...

    Indiana statute of limitations allows parents to collect back child support for 10 years after the child reaches the age of maturity. In many other states, including California, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois and Texas, there's no statute of limitations for collecting arrears.

Statutes of Limitation on Back Child Support - HG.org

    For example, if the back child support payment was due for when a child was 10 years old and the statute holds that the statute is for ten years past the date of the last child support obligation, the parent is responsible for the 10-year-old’s payment until the child is 28. …Author: HG.Org

Texas child support Texas child support enforcement

    Who Can Enforce Court Ordered Child Support in Texas. The official child support enforcement agency for the State of Texas is the Child Support Division of the Attorney General’s Office. The services of the Texas Child Support Division are required by federal law and funded by the federal government and the State of Texas.

Statute of Limitations To Establish Paternity In Child ...

    Since I am only licensed to practice law in the state of Texas, I can only provide general divorce help for men on how a Texas court might deal with your situation. In Texas, in order to be ordered to pay child support, the paternity of the child must be established. Paternity suits are governed by …

Legal advice on Statute of limitations of child support in ...

    Jun 13, 2016 · Learn about Statute of limitations of child support in Michigan today. Quickly find answers to your Statute of limitations of child support questions with the help of a local lawyer. ... Legal advice on Statute of limitations of child support in Michigan ... The 10 year statute of limitations ran out years ago but I've been sending in monthly ...

Child Support in Texas Office of the Attorney General

    Each year, we collect more child support than any state in the U.S.—but our work won’t be done until every child receives the support they need and deserve. A Partner for Everyone The Child Support Division works closely with Texas employers, community organizations and other state agencies to serve Texas …

Twenty-Year Statute of Limitations on Child Support Claims ...

    Twenty-Year Statute of Limitations on Child Support Claims Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C. handles hundreds of child support claims each year whether it is defending or prosecuting child support. The firm handles modifications, contempt and enforcement. Over the years, the firm of Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C. has had numerous...

Laws on Child Support Arrears in Texas Legal Beagle

    Dec 15, 2018 · When you fall behind with your child support obligation in Texas, it’s not just your ex’s response you have to worry about. Texas charges interest on child support arrears and uses a variety of methods to convince parents to pay up, including probation for up to 10 years or jail time.

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