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Varicocele Healing - Underwear
    Moreover, men with varicocele require support to reduce scrotal sagging, and improve testicular blood draining. However, boxers allow and stabilize scrotal sagging. As we already know, the scrotum on the ipsilateral side of the varicocele stretches over time and scrotal sagging will increases. So, it is important to have proper support underwear.

Varicocele: Causes, Symptoms, and Diagnosis
    A spermatic cord holds up each testicle. The cords also contain the veins, arteries, and nerves that support these glands. In healthy veins inside the scrotum, one-way valves move the blood from...

Underwear for Varicocele - Varicocele Healing
    The Varicocele Kit helps reduce varicocele by tonifying the smooth muscle lining of varicose veins, and protecting the veins, vein valves, testicles, and sperm from the damaging effects of varicocele …

VARICOCELE PAIN RELIEF - Testicle Support Underwear
    Underwear that's actually good for varicocele needs to have the following 3 benefits: Provide Maximum Cooling (Fabric) Create Penis/Scrotum Separation (Design) Provides Compression With Cooling (Compressive Scrotal Support) Most scrotal supporters are not good for varicocele/your testicles because they over-heat your testicles.

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