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Divorce Support - Utah Child Support Definitions

    Utah Child Support Definitions. Definition of Gross Income. (a) prospective income from any source, including nonearned sources, except under Subsection (3); and.

Utah Child Support Guidelines - FindLaw.com

    Imputed Income. In Utah, if a parent is unemployed or underemployed the court may impute an income on the parent in order to perform the child support calculations in the chart above. Imputed income is based on employment potential and probable earnings.

Calculate Child Support Amounts - Utah

    They represent the State and are not personal attorneys for either parent. Utah law requires the use of both parents' incomes to determine a child support amount. The income the support is based upon is limited to the equivalent of one full-time job. Generally, overtime and …

Child Support Guidelines - University of Utah

    age of the child, income of the parent, income of the current spouse, and the presence of other dependents. Each child is entitled to determination of support without respect to the marital status of the parents at the time of the child’s birth. Consequently, the guidelines should be used equally in cases of paternity, separation, and divorce.

» Utah Code 78B-12-203. Determination of gross income ...

    Child support: means a base child support award, or a monthly financial award for uninsured medical expenses, ordered by a tribunal for the support of a child, including current periodic payments, arrearages that accrue under an order for current periodic payments, and sum certain judgments awarded for arrearages,...

Utah Code Part 1 Utah Child Support Act General Provisions ...

    Utah Code Page 8. (ii) is self-executing; (iii) provides for support which equals or exceeds the base child support award required by the guidelines; and (iv) does not allow a decrease in support as a result of the obligor's voluntary reduction of income.

Utah Child Support Calculator - Divorce Utah

    Home Utah Child Support Calculator Estimate the amount of child support in your case using Utah Family Law’s Child Support Calculator. This tool is designed to help parents estimate how much child support may be ordered given their situation.

Child Support - Utah Courts

    Unless a minor is emancipated, child support continues until the child is 18 or has completed high school, whichever is later. In some cases, the court may order child support to continue after age 18 for a disabled child who remains a dependent. Establishing child support …

Utah Code Code - Utah State Legislature

    350 North State, Suite 350 PO Box 145030 Salt Lake City, Utah 84114 Telephone: (801) 538-1408 https://house.utah.gov; Contact a Representative

Child Support Guideline Models by State

    The Income Shares Model is based on the concept that the child should receive the same proportion of parental income that he or she would have received if the parents lived together. In an intact household, the income of both parents is generally pooled and spent for the benefit of all household members, including any children.

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