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Terrorism: The Four Force Multipliers
    Technology, transnational support, media, and religion compose the force multipliers. If I was in charge of the budget that was to be used in the fight against terrorism I would allocate the most funds to the transnational support.

Transnational Terrorism Support Networks & Trends
    Sustained support – domestic, international or both – enabled the terrorist core and the penultimate leadership to replenish the wastage in rank and file by recruitment and to boost its eroding support-base by propaganda. As transnational terrorist infrastructures are far removed from the theatre of conflict, they enable terrorist groups to ...

Transnational Definition of Transnational at
    Transnational definition, going beyond national boundaries or interests: a transnational economy. See more.

TRANSNATIONAL definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary
    transnational meaning: 1. involving several nations: 2. used to describe companies or business activities that exist or…. Learn more. Cambridge Dictionary Plus

Transnational Definition of Transnational by Merriam-Webster
    Transnational definition is - extending or going beyond national boundaries. How to use transnational in a sentence.

Transnational care - Wikipedia
    Defining and understanding transnational care. Loretta Baldassar has defined transnational caregiving as “the exchange of support and care across distance and national borders.” Transnational caregiving has emerged in to prominence due to globalization and global aging.Workforce mobility has increased not only across countries, but also with internal …

Transnational child protection - Wikipedia
    Transnational child protection refers to the protection of children from violence, exploitation, abuse and neglect in an international setting. When a non-national child comes into contact with public authorities and service providers, a series of checks, assessments and immediate measures sets in to identify the child and to assess her or his situation.

What is Transnational Organizations IGI Global
    What is Transnational Organizations? Definition of Transnational Organizations: An entity that operates beyond national boundaries with the support of at least one nation. In the last 50 years, transnational rule-making processes could be considered the most apparent expression of the shift from state-driven politics and intergovernmental cooperation to non-state-driven …

Transnational Terrorism - E-International Relations
    Jan 19, 2017 · What is transnational terrorism? Terrorism, whether transnational or not, is a highly contested arena. To date there is very little consensus regarding its definition. Disagreements emerge over the purpose and function, the perpetrators, the victims, the legitimacy and the methods and targeting of terrorist actors.

Transnational - definition of transnational by The Free ...
    They deal with transnational movements and the limits of citizenship, transnational identification as a Russian-American, transnationalism and childhood in Cleave's The Other Hand, identification in Ali's In the Kitchen, going beyond nationalism and ethnicity in A Good Scent from a Strange Mountain, transnationalism in German literature ...

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