Requesting Retroactive Child Support

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How to Request Back Child Support Payments
    When filing for child support, a custodial parent may also request retroactive payments, which are made to support the needs of the child between the time when the couple files for divorce and the point at which a judge actually mandates child support payments.

Retroactive Child Support LegalMatch
    A parent who wishes to obtain retroactive child support must specifically request it from the court. The request can be denied if the judge determines that there is no evidence in support of the claim. Alternatively, you may negotiate retroactive child support as part of a child support agreement.Author: Leigh Ebrom

What Are Retroactive Child Support Payments? LoveToKnow
    Retroactive child support is not always ordered by the Court, even when the custodial parent requests it. One way to avoid this possibility is to bring the matter before a judge quickly. The longer you wait to get things resolved, the more likely it is that the non-custodial parent will need to pay retroactive support.Author: Jodee Redmond

Retroactive Child Support - Janis Cross
    If the obligor was subject to an earlier child support order, the court can order retroactive child support back to the date that the parents separated after marriage or re-marriage.Location: 600 S Tyler St #1313, Amarillo, 79101, TX

How EXACTLY do I request retroactive child support? - Q&A ...
    Generally, support is only retroactive to the date of filing of the request for support. There are exceptions, so you do exactly what you have written, file a Request for Hearing for Support and check the box requesting support orders be made retroactive to the date of …

Collecting Retroactive (Non-Court-Ordered) Child Support ...
    Remember, retroactive child support is something that the petitioner (custodial parent) must specifically request from the court when the original claim for prospective child support is filed. It is not something a North Carolina court will order without request.

Family Code Section 4009 Retroactive Child Support ...
    Upon request courts typically order child or spousal support orders retroactive to the first or the fifteenth day of the month in which you filed, whichever is closest to the filing date. This means that if you file a child support application on the 14th day of February, most courts will …

Illinois Retroactive Child Support Explained
    Obtaining retroactive child support can be an emotional process but if the proper steps are followed and the appropriate facts and information are presented to the court it need not be a difficult one. Seeking out proper legal counsel is the first step to achieving your goals.

Retroactive Child Support in Florida Florida Law ...
    Mar 24, 2015 · For instance, if a child is born out of wedlock and paternity was proven when the child turned 12 years old, the court can order the father to pay retroactive child support in Florida. The retroactive child support will date back to when the parents stopped residing together in the same home.

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