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How to Enable EAX on Realtek Your Business
    Realtek is the name of a sound card company that makes integrated and discrete sound cards that go inside desktop and laptop computers. If the Realtek device has EAX support, that means it can produce sound in the EAX driver protocol---a higher-quality sound that can be used in conjunction with 5.1 and 7.1 surround-sound systems.

Windows 7 (x64) Realtek no EAX , WTF?! TechPowerUp Forums
    Dec 15, 2012 · eax on realtek is not true eax, also vista and win7 has no eax support but i think i saw in realtwk webpage some program to bring eax back, still beta i …Cooling: Noctua NH-L12

EAX on Realtek HD :: Help and Tips
    Dec 26, 2017 · i thought EAX was for creative soundblaster hardware only? correct me if i am wrong... It's meant to be, but apparently, from what I've read so I could be mistaken, some Realtek HD cards support up to 2.0. There was also Realtek's own version of ALChemy released to enable options like that but it doesn't work for me.

Realtek resolves EAX issues, sort of - The Tech Report
    Jul 31, 2007 · This game had been unplayable with older Realtek drivers and EAX effects enabled, where the lack of proper occlusion and obstruction support resulted in …

Restore 3D Positional Surround Sound :: F.E.A.R. General ...
    IndirectSound currently emulates EAX support, but it doesn't actually emulate EAX itself. In other words, IndirectSound pretends that EAX is available, and from a game's perspective it is, but none of the actual EAX audio effects are played. I did this as a first step because some games won't play any 3D sound at all if EAX support isn't present.

pc windows - What has happened to EAX and other hardware ...
    Legacy EAX games will likely not perform correctly on Windows Vista and Windows 7. From this March 09, 2011 of the Auzentech X-Meridian 7.1 2G Sound Card: We cannot fault any current sound card for lacking the ability to enable EAX in legacy games. EAX is no longer a standard used in PC game audio.

What does it take to get EAX effects in Windows 7 ...
    Jun 09, 2015 · But say you want to replay old EAX titles (like Baldur's Gate, Diablo II, Thief, NOLF, KotOR, etc) in Windows 7 on a 2.0 or 2.1 speaker set-up - will you just get basic stereo, losing all EAX effects, or is there some way you can still get your EAX, emulated or otherwise? If so, what hardware/software is required?

    Bundled Windows series drivers (98/ME/NT/2000/XP), EAX/Direct Sound 3D/ I3DL2/A3D compatible sound effect utilities (supporting Karaoke, 26 types of environment sound emulation, 10-band equalizer), HRTF 3D positional audio and Sensaura ™ 3DPA (optional) provide an excellent entertainment package and game experience for PC users. In addition ...

Exploring EAX with onboard audio - The Tech Report
    Nov 03, 2006 · Despite the fact that Realtek claims to support EAX 2.0, obstructions and occlusions apparently haven’t been implemented correctly, if at all. For some games, that’s not a serious problem.

ASUS G60JX sound card [Archive] - ASUS Republic of Gamers ...
    if it helps you make it clear, a creative audigy hd soundcard comprises of both hardware (the creative codec chip or the sound card) and software the EAX package that creative uses to make their soundcards take advantage of EAX title games. G60 uses a realtek codec with the eax package.

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