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Support of Gust Rappelz Wiki Fandom

    Air buff to increase the target's AtkSpd for a short duration. Can only be cast on an ally. edit skill data Support of Gust Cost per use: MP 50 MP +20 MP -5 increase AtkSpd by 16% +1% +1% duration 15s +0s +5s 1.5s 30s 15s Cost per use: MP 50 MP +20 MP -5 increase AtkSpd by 16% +1% +1% duration...

Rappelz Dark Fantasy MMORPG

    Welcome to Rappelz Security and Support! Do you have questions about Rappelz? Need technical assistance? Do you have security questions? Find the answers to your questions about Rappelz through our FAQs and customer support!

Magus Rappelz Wiki Fandom

    NOTE: +3 Support of Gust is strongly advised to maintain permanent Gust. This frees up belt space and you could probably swap out a few stones to maintain your desired plateau with Gust. Int/Wis - A party-oriented setup aimed at support. The Magus is capable of solo healing most parties under the right circumstances, although this is extremely ...

Cast speed bonus with "Support of Gust" - Forums

    Cast speed bonus with "Support of Gust" 22-06-14, 10:55 PM. HI everyone! I'm a Belgian Rappelz player, my main character's a Magus on the french server "Seraphin" I play it on 1-3-0 ( fucking sword TP quest ^^ ), so I play it as a pure magician. As you may know, the Magus has a skill called "support of gust" which boosts the speed of physical ...

Rappelz Magus Guide – Rappelz Advisory

    Nov 05, 2016 · Rappelz Magus Guide Being a magus about 9months now i think i d better be starting with my main class. Magus is a very versatile class which is cappable of not only healing itself and the party , but dealing a huge burst of damage while doing so aswell.

Rappelz Dark Fantasy MMORPG

    Rappelz is a classic dark-fantasy MMO, combining a striking fantasy art style with deep character customization, tactical pet training and PVP/PVE gameplay. A Unique Pet System An incredible number of pets are available to tame and level up along with your character.

War Kahuna Rappelz Wiki Fandom

    War Kahuna has natural access to Support of Gust, increasing their passive DPS. Enchanted Slash is also a very respectable nuke for PvE. PvP: War Kahuna excels in single-target damage, playing much like an assassin in PvP. War Kahuna is capable of one-shotting another player, for the exception of the tankiest of players, if able to pull off a ...

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