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How to Configure a Multicast Linux Network Network ...
    Configuring Linux for Network Multicast The Linux kernel is Level-2 Multicast-Compliant and meets all the requirements to send, receive, or act as a router for multicast packets or datagrams. The default kernels for Red Hat and Fedora are compiled to support multicast transmission.
    Several extensions to the programming API are needed in order to support multicast. All of them are handled via two system calls: setsockopt() (used to pass information to the kernel) and getsockopt() (to retrieve information regarded multicast behavior). This does not mean that 2 new system calls were added to support multicast.

Multicast Routing Code in the Linux Kernel Linux Journal
    Oct 31, 2002 · In this article I explain how the Linux kernel manages multicast traffic and how it is possible to interact with it by simply patching some kernel code. Although this is a rather specific topic, it might be useful for anyone interested in multicast routing.

multicast - Multicasting + Linux Kernel - Stack Overflow
    I have one doubt regarding multicasting in linux kernel. When multicast data arrives linux kernel checks MFC and if the matching entry is not found then kernel gives conrol message cache miss and …

Enable IP multicast routing in Linux kernel A Mutable Log
    Enable IP multicast routing in Linux kernel. In this post I discuss how to enable multicast routing in a Linux system. It is a continuation to the post Wireless Router with Buildroot and Raspberry Pi, where I discussed how to build a basic Wi-Fi router with a Raspberry Pi. You’ll want to …

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