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Hide Basement Support Columns – how to cover basement poles

    Hide Basement Support Columns – how to cover basement poles. Aug 05,2013. How to hide support columns in the basement? They are ugly and they seem to be everywhere we don’t want them to be! Support columns are just plain annoying! But they are another necessary evil in the basement landscape, because they are holding up our house!Phone: (717) 574-2598

How to frame basement poles: To help when framing basement ...

    Nothing screams "BASEMENT" more than an exposed, painted support pole. Conceal the poles : You may be able to enclose one or more of your poles in a wall by framing the wall with 2x6s instead of 2x4s.

How to Install a Basement Support Post Hunker

    A basement post is usually installed to counteract a sagging frame in a wood-frame house. Typically the posts are eight-foot adjustable devices that can be placed under a sagging beam or floor joist. They are made from metal and have an adjustable screw top that can be raised to fit the space between the floor and ceiling of the basement.

How to Build a Square Box Around a Basement Column ...

    If you are looking for ideas on how to finish basement columns, you will be amazed to see all the possibilities available. The columns are there to support the main beams of your house. The best way to make them blend into your newly finished basement is to …

175 Best Basement Pole Covers images Basement remodeling ...

    Trimming out the basement support posts is a fairly inexpensive way to add design to your basement and can be easily incorporated into your layout as part of a bar, or to hang wireless speakers for surround. ... nice way to enclose basement poles open staircase, lights on poles Basement Wall Coveri - February 07 2019 at

Hiding Basement Support poles - YouTube

    Feb 21, 2015 · Learn a few basement framing methods for hiding basement support poles. Learn what lumber to use and what tools you will need to frame around basement poles to hide them from view.Author: Basement Finishing Man

How to Hide Basement Support Poles - YouTube

    Sep 30, 2016 · In this video we will discuss more ways to hide your basement support columns. These basement poles are easy to work into the basement plan if you follow these simple design tips! More basement ...Author: Basement Finishing Man


    Oct 12, 2016 · Often referred to as basement poles, lally columns or jack posts, these below grade structural supports often present a challenge when designing a floor plan. You can enclose some of them in walls,...Author: laurie coleman

Replacing Basement Support Posts - Forum - Bob Vila

    I'm replacing 6 by 6 wooden support posts in the basement of my 95 year old home. The 3 posts were sitting on concrete piers which are 3.5 inches below the concrete floor (the rest of the floor).

Covering a Lally Column in a Finished Basement Tutorial ...

    Dec 17, 2013 · Tutorial showing the steps necessary to build a simple enclosure to cover and decorate a lally support column in a finished basement.Structural support columns can …

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