Catholic View On Taking Someone Off Life Support

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Catholic Beliefs About Withdrawing Life Support Synonym
    Decisions about end-of-life medical care are often fraught with difficulty. Decisions about withdrawing life support are especially difficult. Catholic individuals and health care institutions try to apply the Catholic Church's ethical teachings to this area of decision-making.

When is it OK to remove life support? -
    Sep 28, 2017 · i am wondering if you know more about this than this googled info (below) tells on Ruth Graham choosing to be taken off life support. Would the Roman Catholic Church approve of her deicsion? When is it OK to do such things? I don’t know much about the Church’s position on this but thought that the Church would not normally approve unless the person was in a persistent vegetative …

What is the Catholic Church's view on life support ...
    Jun 17, 2009 · The Catholic Church is quite supportive of life support. It does not believe in euthanasia at all, but it does recognize that sometimes cutting off life support is legitimate: "Discontinuing medical procedures that are burdensome, dangerous, extraordinary, or disproportionate to the expected outcome can be legitimate; it is the refusal of 'over ...

End of Life Decisions: Ordinary versus Extraordinary Means ...
    The implicit corollary is that one must save life, one's own and others by reasonable care (not driving too fast, not taking drugs, seeing a doctor if home care cannot effect a cure of sickness, etc.). (cf. Catechism of the Catholic Church 2268-2269). End of Life Q&A. Q.

The Catholic Tradition on Forgoing Life Support
    The Catholic Tradition on Forgoing Life Support. ... The Purpose of Life. From the consideration of the Catholic tradition, several conclusions may be drawn. Decisions concerning hope of benefit and excessive burden should be made in view of the proximate and ultimate goals of human life. Euthanasia and allowing to die for legitimate reasons ...

    A time may come when the only outcome from the therapies that prolong life is the prolonging of suffering, with no chance of meaningful recovery. At that point, you may choose to talk with the healthcare provider and ask that life support be removed. If you do, the healthcare team will keep the dying person comfortable until his or her life ends.

What Does the Bible Say About Taking Someone Off Life Support?
    Bible verses about Taking Someone Off Life Support. Geocoding Topical Bible Labs Blog. ... For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. Luke 8:1 ESV / 3 helpful votes Helpful Not Helpful.

Withhold or Withdrawing Life Sustaining Measures
    You hear about it on the news, you probably know someone who’s had to face it, or you might be facing it yourself. The decision of when to withdraw life support or whether to begin it at all is a sticky one, muddled with confusing terms and strong emotions. A notable case in the media was that of Terry Schiavo in 2005.

John Paul II: Dying with Dignity
    xxi Address of John Paul II to the Participants in the International Congress on Life-Sustaining Treatments and the Vegetative State: Scientific Advances and Ethical Dilemmas, March 20, 2004. xxii Evangelium Vitae (The Gospel of Life), no. 65. xxiii Evangelium Vitae (The Gospel of Life), no. 67. xxiv "Dying is also part of life."

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