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Did the Catholic Church Support Hitler?
    The question “did the RCC support Hitler” is a meaningless one. “Did the pope support Hitler” is not, but given the circumstances he was incapable of controlling his flock, something that’s still assumed anyway. A rational person should avoid it like the plague or …

Did Catholicism support Adolf Hitler? - Quora
    Aug 12, 2017 · I saw a link and am quoting: “In his book, Dave convinced me that they are full of heresy and abominations, from Catholicism's companionship with Hitler to Pope Innocent 111 wiping out large multitudes of Christians, as well as other popes who kil...

SIO15: Did the Catholic Church Support Hitler? with Tim O ...
    Joining me for a third time is Tim O’Neill of the blog History for Atheists! Tim is back to take us through some really fascinating possible misconceptions about whether or not the Pope and the Catholic church were supportive of Hitler and the Nazis. Tim also discusses whether or not Hitler himself was religious. Lots … Continue reading "SIO15: Did the Catholic Church Support Hitler…

world war two - Catholic vs Protestant Support for Nazism ...
    More or less at the same time, the Catholic Centre Party unanimously voted in favor of the Enabling Act, through which Hitler seized absolute power in March of 1933. Of course, all of this support was based on false promises to leave the Catholics and the Centre Party alone...

An Agreement with the Catholic Church Facing History and ...
    Some Catholic leaders welcomed Hitler’s call to “overcome the un-Germanic spirit” and feared that “atheistic communism” was more of a threat to the Catholic Church than the Nazis were. Others opposed the Nazis. According to historian Doris Bergen, “Many German Catholic clergy were initially suspicious of Nazism.

Did the Catholic Church support Hitler - Answers
    Mar 21, 2012 · No, Adolf Hitler did not support the Catholic Church; he did, however, tolerate it. A bit of history will clear this notion. The Church was, to Hitler…

Nazi views on Catholicism - Wikipedia
    The support of millions of German Christians was needed in order for Hitler's plans to come to fruition. It was Hitler's belief that if religion is a help, "it can only be an advantage". Most of the 3 million Nazi Party members "still paid the Church taxes" and considered themselves Christians.

Religion in Nazi Germany - Wikipedia
    Hitler moved quickly to eliminate Political Catholicism. Amid harassment of the Church, the Reich concordat treaty with the Vatican was signed in 1933, and promised to respect Church autonomy. Hitler routinely disregarded the Concordat, closing all Catholic institutions whose functions were not strictly religious.

Religious views of Adolf Hitler - Wikipedia
    Adolf Hitler's religious beliefs have been a matter of debate. Historians regard Hitler as having anti-Christian views and establish him as a secular theist. Hitler was born to a practicing Catholic mother, and was baptized in the Roman Catholic Church. From a young age, he expressed disbelief and hostility to Christianity.

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