Catenary Support Cable

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CATENARY CABLE - American Lighting
    Catenary Cable kit, includes 2 cables locks for use with loads up to 330lbs. LS-CABLE-60 (60 ft) LS-CABLE-110 (110 ft) Catenary Cable Bulk Reel . LS-CABLE-500 (500 ft)

6.7 Cables: Catenaries
    in cable x y s 1 Many problems involving catenary cables can be solved using the following formulas: s = c sinh (x/c) (1) y 2 s2 = c 2 (2) W = ws (3) y = c cosh (x/c) (4) T o = wc (5) T = wy (6) where w = weight of cable per unit length of cable, and W = weight of length of cable from low point to a point a distance s along the cable.

    Catenary cables and their associated fittings, attachment, anchors along with masts, poles, or other structural elements, are by others. The safe design of these products requires an analysis of many factors that are unique to your building, site and project goals and should be done by a licensed structural engineer.

Cable Sag Error (Catenary Curve Effect) Calculator
    A catenary curve describes the shape the displacement cable takes when subjected to a uniform force such as gravity. This curve is the shape of a perfectly flexible chain suspended by its ends and acted on by gravity. The equation was obtained by Leibniz and Bernoulli in 1691 in response to a challenge by Bernoulli and Jacob.

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