Catalyst Bed Support Balls

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PROX-SVERS Catalyst Support Media
    The PROX-SVERS ® family of inert catalyst bed support balls has grown to protect all varieties of catalysts and adsorbents and consists of four products: Ceramic Balls. T-38 PROX-SVERS ® Ceramic Balls T-38 PROX-SVERS ® are Christy’s premium grade inert ceramic support media. They contain a higher alumina content than any other ceramic support balls on the market, allowing them to be …

Inert Balls for Catalyst Bed Support SINOCATA
    ICB Serial Inert Ceramic Balls are widely used as catalyst, adsorbent and desiccant bed support media in the variety of chemical industries.

Christy Catalytics Alumina Balls Ceramic Balls Mass ...
    Manufacturer of Catalyst Bed Support Balls, Ceramic Balls, Alumina Balls, Mass Transfer Media and Hexagonal Target Tile for the chemical and hydrocarbon processing industries.

Catalyst Media - Catalyst balls - Catalyst Bed Support ...
    20 MM Balls FOX Catalyst Bed Support Media is offered in a wide variety of alumina and silica-alumina ceramic formulas. Used in petrochemical, refining, and chemical plants all over the world, FOX Catalyst Bed Support Media provides excellent resistance to erosion and attrition, and will minimize the threat of catalyst contamination.

Ceramic Balls, Catalyst Bed Support Chempack
    Ceramic balls are generally used for catalyst bed support for oil refining, petrochemical and natural gas applications. The product is often used in the temperature range of 100°C to 500°C.

Catalyst bed support media - MTE Group Improving mass ...
    MTE's catalyst bed support Rest-O-Cat® brand is broadly recognized as the leading brand for the refinery, petrochemical, chemical and fertilizer industry. We supply inert ceramic and alumina balls, inert alumina lumps and ceramic tubes. Due to our production facility, we are able to produce tailor made.

Ceramic support balls support adsorbents & catalysts in ...
    Ceramic support balls are used to support adsorbents and catalysts in reactor vessels, to improve the gas or liquid distribution through the catalyst bed.

Denstone® 99 Alumina Support Balls Saint-Gobain NorPro
    High purity – Denstone® 99 support balls are 99+% alpha alumina. With a maximum silica content of only 0.2% Denstone® 99 protects your catalyst bed and downstream equipment from fouling and coating caused by leached silica.

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