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Recalling Castro's Ascension — And CIA Reaction : NPR
    Jan 01, 2009 · Recalling Castro's Ascension — And CIA Reaction Fidel Castro came to power in Cuba 50 years ago today, as dictator Fulgencio Batista fled the island and people poured into the streets to ...

Castro's Secrets: The CIA and Cuba's Intelligence Machine ...
    Oct 17, 2012 · Castro’s intelligence service discovered and flipped more than four dozen of CIA’s Cuban spies. Castro made the General Directorate of Intelligence (DGI) his own personal entity and was well aware of seemingly every CIA agent’s movements in Cuba and whatever plots the CIA hatched in Miami.

Did the US/CIA Support Castro During the Revolution ...
    > Again: the CIA did not support Castro during the revolution. > > AFTER the revolution Castro had supporters inside the CIA and US > government. But that was because they believed he was a democrat as he, > dishonestly, said he was. > > Once it became clear he was a communist - …

Assassination attempts on Fidel Castro - Wikipedia
    According to the CIA documents, the so-called Family Jewels that were declassified in 2007, one assassination attempt on Fidel Castro prior to the Bay of Pigs invasion involved noted American mobsters Johnny Roselli, Salvatore Giancana and Santo Trafficante.. In September 1960, Momo Salvatore Giancana, a successor of Al Capone's in the Chicago Outfit, and Miami Syndicate leader Santo ...

How did the US help Castro's rise to power? Yahoo Answers
    Apr 09, 2009 · The story of CIA financial support for the Castro rebellion, a selective form of support, is a surprising one, though it is unclear whether this operation was formally authorized by the Eisenhower administration of undertaken by the Agency entirely on its own.

The Castro Obsession — Central Intelligence Agency
    Apr 15, 2007 · National intelligence estimates and CIA current analysis had been making the point that Castro’s position was rapidly consolidating as pockets of opposition to him were being wiped out. He still enjoyed strong popular support and the Cuban uniformed services had become ruthlessly effective.

Fidel Castro - Wikipedia
    Considering Carter well-meaning and sincere, Castro freed certain political prisoners and allowed some Cuban exiles to visit relatives on the island, hoping that in turn Carter would abolish the economic embargo and stop CIA support for militant dissidents.Awards: Nishan-e-Pakistan, 2018

Fidel Castro - Assassination Attempts & Facts - HISTORY
    Nov 25, 2016 · Castro publicly declared himself a Marxist-Leninist in late 1961. Ostracized by the United States, Cuba was becoming increasingly dependent on the Soviet Union for …

Inside the CIA’s Plot to Kill Fidel Castro—With Mafia Help ...
    History Dept. Inside the CIA’s Plot to Kill Fidel Castro—With Mafia Help. New details have emerged about a top-secret killing plan in the 1960s: the CIA’s recruitment of two gangsters to ...

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