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First case of coronavirus spread by person with no ...
    As the 2019 novel coronavirus outbreak continues to spread in China, researchers have found that people carrying the virus but not showing symptoms may be able to infect others. If infected people ...

Nonprofit: Case for Support Nonprofit Best Practices
    How to create an irresistible Case for Support that captures your donor’s heart and imagination. You'll get to peek inside Tom Ahern's brain as he walks you through his process of creating the "Case". With Tom's help, you'll be able to create a compelling "Case" that donors will find hard to resist.

Writing a Case for Support that Inspires! - Sumac Non ...
    The Case for Support is the statement of your cause explaining what your nonprofit does, why it’s important and, most importantly, why people should support you. This statement serves to inform all communication pertinent to raising funds.

Nonprofit workers struggle to make ends meet – Santa Cruz ...
    3 days ago · New information in Pleasure Point kidnapping-homicide case January 29, 2020 at 4:42 pm ... Cancino said the community can support nonprofit wages by …

How to Write a Case Statement for Fundraising
    Jun 25, 2019 · Even periodic fundraising events such as a corporate-sponsored charity contest, a fundraising athletic event, or an online peer-to-peer campaign will all benefit from your case for support. Having your case in place early makes all that writing and preparation so much easier no matter the form your fundraising takes.

A quick guide to writing a compelling case statement ...
    This short piece is written to give you a quick overview of a) what ‘case’ means; b) simple, starter tips on how to generate your ‘case;’ and c) where and when to use your ‘case’ once it is written. We will use the terms “case for support” and “case statement” interchangeably throughout this article.

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