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60 Squadron The Sappers site - Calling all Royal Engineers

    60 Field Squadron (26 Field Engineer Regiment) was formed December 1950 at Hameln. It was then disbanded in 1958. In April 1964 it was re-formed at Shorncliffe (36 Engineer Regiment) and was later deployed to Aden in Nov 1964 returning in August 1965 to …

British Army units from 1945 on - 60 Squadron

    39 Engineer Regiment Apr 77: Renamed 60 Field Support Squadron Aug 82 - Jan 83: Falkland Islands: 37 Engineer Regiment Mar - Jun 84: Falkland Islands: 37 Engineer Regiment Sep 90 - Mar 91: Saudi Arabia: Al Jubayl: Gulf War: Force Maintenance Area ??: Renamed 60 HQ and Support Squadron (Air Support) Apr - Oct 06: Afghanistan: Op Herrick 4

60 Field Squadron British Army in Hameln

    60 FIELD SQUADRON Dec 1950 - 1958 Did not have many informations about this squadron here in hameln, but maybe someone know more about! Special thanks to Alan Young from British Army Units who collected all these dates! Groupphoto sent in by John …


    In March 1967, 60 Field Squadron Royal Engineers deployed to Aden tasked with support to the infantry and road construction projects. While half of 1 Troop was employed at Habilain near Dhala building a water tank, on 4 June Sapper T F Allchin aged 26 …

1967 Aden Emergency - 60 COMPANY ROYAL ENGINEERS

    60 Field Squadron, 36 Engineer Regiment took over the building of Airstrips from 5004 Squadron RAF, stationed in Aden at Khormaksar then Radfan. ... mainly due to the efforts of the 1st Battalion Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders and the support of 1 Troop, under the command of Lieutenant Colonel "Mad Mitch" Mitchell. ... 60 Field Squadron ...

Royal Engineers - Wikipedia

    The Corps of Royal Engineers, usually just called the Royal Engineers (RE), and commonly known as the Sappers, is a corps of the British Army.It provides military engineering and other technical support to the British Armed Forces and is headed by the Chief Royal Engineer.The Regimental Headquarters and the Royal School of Military Engineering are in Chatham in Kent, England.Branch: British Army

25 Engineer Regiment (United Kingdom) - Wikipedia

    The 25 Engineer Regiment was a former engineer unit of the Corps of Royal Engineers, itself within the British Army. The regiment was first formed to support the 2nd Armoured Division was later disbanded in 2012 following the Army 2020 Refine. Before disbanding, the regiment was tasked with supporting the RAF under the 11th (Air Support) Engineer Group.Branch: British Army, Corps of Royal Engineers

British Army in Iserlohn from 1945 to 1994: Corunna ...

    Thanks to the MOD Royal Engineers website for the following history of 26 Engineer Regiment ... and the newly reformed 60 Field Squadron. 43 Field Park Squadron became an independent squadron in 1954 but remained in Hameln under local command. ... 2 Armoured Engineer Squadron later Field Support Squadron 1968 Maj JJ Stibbon - Dec 70 Maj S ...

British Army units from 1945 on - 61 Squadron

    Feb 59: Retitled 48 Field Squadron 61 Field Park Squadron 1964: England: The Barracks, Maidstone Reformed: 36 Engineer Regiment Sep 66 - Feb 67: Bahrain: 36 Engineer Regiment Jan 68: Renamed 61 Field Support Squadron Feb 72: Renamed 61 HQ Squadron: RHQ and Sqn amalgamated to form 61 HQ Sqn Apr 77: Renamed 61 Field Support Squadron Oct 83 - Mar ...

65 Corps Field Park Squadron / 65 Corps Support Squadron ...

    65 CORPS FIELD PARK SQUADRON ???? - 1967 65 CORPS SUPPORT SQUADRON 1968 - 1999 65 FIELD SUPPORT SQUADRON 2000 - now Special thanks to Alan Young from British Army Units who collected all these dates!

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