5 Pieces Of Evidence To Support Continental Drift

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5 Pieces of Evidence for theory of the Continental Drift ...

    5 Pieces of Evidence for the Theory of the Continental Drift 1. Continents fit like Puzzle Pieces 4. Coal Beds Found fossils of trees that normally grow in temperate areas, but today are in a polar climate. 3. Fossils Ex. Coal beds found in North America, Great Britain and

What 5 pieces of evidence continental drift - Answers

    The theory of Continental Drift was first put forward by Abraham Ortelius in 1596 but was more fully developed by Alfred Wegener in 1912. Wegener's five main pieces of evidence he used to support ...

What are 5 pieces of evidence that support the theory of ...

    The pieces of evidence Alfred Wegener used to support his theory about continental drift were; Puzzle Fit, Fossil evidence from animals that were once on the same continent, geologic evidence like ...

What Evidence Is There of the Continental Drift Theory ...

    Another indication of continental drift is tectonic activity and seafloor spreading. Scientists agree that continents rest on rocks called tectonic plates, which shift and move. Sea floor spreading further supports the continental drift theory. As molten rock rises from the Earth, it forms new crust between the plates.

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    Study 5 Wegener's 5 pieces of evidence flashcards from Harrison W. on StudyBlue. Study 5 Wegener's 5 pieces of evidence flashcards from Harrison W. on StudyBlue. ... What is Alfred Wegener's first piece of evidence for continental drift? The continents fit together like a puzzle.

What were the five reasons Wegener used to support his ...

    Alfred Wegener outlined five reasons to support his theory of continental drift. ... What are two pieces of evidence for continental... An electric field is applied to a solution...

5 Pieces of Evidence for theory of the Continental Drift ...

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    Apr 18, 2009 · The shape of the continents is largely an indirect observational piece of evidence and not a direct line of evidence. However, this observation is the most important piece of evidence because it was THIS observation that caused the earliest geologists (1600s-1700s) to suggest continental drift had happened in the past.

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    Aside from the congruency of continental shelf margins across the Atlantic, modern proponents of continental drift have amassed impressive geologic evidence to support their views. Indications of widespread glaciation from 380 to 250 million years ago are evident in Antarctica, southern South America, southern Africa, India, and Australia.If these continents were once united around the south ...

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