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Solved: Cisco Catalyst 3560 supports PBR + IP S... - Cisco ...

    Solved: Dear, I would like to know if they support the L3 PBR + IP SLA functionalities of the WS-C3650-24TS switch. By doing the configuration I get a message indicating that this config parameter does not support it for a hardware issue. I would

PBR on Switches (3750/3560) - Cisco Community

    Issue while configuring PBR in a 3750/3560 switch ? Some of the common scenarios we come across We are able to configure route-map but the router does not support the “ip policy route-map” under the interface. We are able to configure the command but this does not reflect under the interface w...

Policy-Based Routing Catalyst 3560 Booches.nl

    Policy-Based Routing Catalyst 3560. ... The configuration of the router wasn’t that spectacular, there was only some policy-based routing (PBR) configured. The switches had IP base images, so I had to upgrade one switch with IP services firmware. ... the switch to support this level of features for 8 routed interfaces and 1024 VLANs.

Catalyst 3750-X and 3560-X Switch Software Configuration ...

    Sep 11, 2018 · Unless otherwise noted, the term switch refers to a Catalyst 3750-X or 3560-X standalone switch and to a Catalyst 3750-X switch stack. A switch stack operates and appears as a single router to the rest of the routers in the network. Basic routing functions, including static routing and the Routing Information Protocol (RIP), are available with both the IP base feature set and the IP services ...

Catalyst 3560 Switch Software Configuration Guide, Cisco ...

    Apr 15, 2016 · This software release does not support Policy-Based Routing (PBR) when forwarding IPv6 traffic. The software supports IPv4 PBR only when the dual-ipv4-and-ipv6 routing template is configured. The dual IPv4 and IPv6 templates allow the switch to be used in dual stack environments (supporting both IPv4 and IPv6). Using the dual stack templates ...

PBR on Cisco 3560 IP Services no IP Default Next Hop IP ...

    Make sure you disable CEF as it takes precedence and will cause PBR not to work properly. If you're not, you should use ACLs to match the traffic you want to manipulate; one important thing to remember is that the "default" keyword in the next-hop statement instructs IOS to look in the routing table for a matching next hop IP before actually using what's configured in the route map.

enabling IP Routing on a 3560 SW - 23581 - The Cisco ...

    Nov 19, 2010 · Take a look at the configuration provided by Cisco. I can guarantee that they dont support routing protocols like eigrp. ... • Policy-Based Routing (PBR) allows superior control by enabling flow redirection regardless of the routing protocol configured. ... as for turning up ip routing on the 3560, and adding new networks, I strongly ...

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