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16 Bits/Channel Editing in Photoshop Elements - Photoshop ...

    Multi-layered editing in 16 Bits/Channel is the 'professional's approach to image editing, but it was never supposed to be possible in Photoshop Elements. In this extract from the full 16 bit tutorial (available in Mark Galer’s new Photoshop Elements Maximum Performance 10 book) he adopts the age old adage

Solved: Where did 16 bit go in PSE 2020? - Adobe Support ...

    Oct 14, 2019 · Adobe Support Community ... Photoshop Elements: Where did 16 bit go in PSE 2020? Where did 16 bit go in PSE 2020? Shelter_Cove. Oct 14, 2019. ... I just upgraded to PSE 2020 and no longer find my RAW images are in 16 bit. In the prior version they were. Some edits, though not all …

Photoshop Elements: More 16bit/channel image support ...

    Photoshop Elements has been able to open and edit 16-bit images for some time (otherwise, Camera Raw support would be negligible). It is true that some filters and effects will not work on 16-bit images, but the same is true of Photoshop as well.

Doesn't the Color Picker work in 16-bit mode? - Adobe ...

    When I switch Photoshop to 16-bit mode, the color picker seems to stay in 8-bit mode (the values only go up to 255 instead of 65535). Doesn't the Color Picker work in 16-bit mode? Or is there some way to switch it to 16-bit mode, so you can see the actual color values?

16 bit RAW files - Adobe Support Community

    Adobe Support Community ... So since the MONITOR IS ONLY 8bit +FRC does it mean when I work with RAW 16 bit images in Photoshop I won't actually see the colors displayed on the monitor correctly? There are monitors that are 10 bits depth, but that's still NOT 16, there is NO SUCH THING as 16 bit …

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