150 Gallon Aquarium Floor Support

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Will My Floor Support My 150 Gallon Freshwater Aquarium ...

    Feb 09, 2017 · Hi so I finally got my 150 gallon aquarium set up put in place without adding my fish and water I wanted to know wheather or not I should add a floor jack or if it's okay my home was built in the 80s it's a two story home with a basement underneath it would not be extremely difficult for me to...

150 Gallon Tank, Floor Support My Aquarium Club

    150 gallon tank, floor support. We recently set up a 150 gallon aquarium in our house that unfortunately has a crawl space instead of a slab. We had the tank for months because we were concerned about the weight and wanted to make sure our floor was ok before setting it up. We purchased two 5,000 lbs floor jacks and placed them on both ends of ...

Will My Floor Support 150 Gallon Fishtank? My Aquarium Club

    Our home was built in 1972 and we are not sure if the floors support is good enough to hold a 150 gallon fish tank. What is the best way to find out if it will hold? We calculated the total weight to be approx 1600lbs including rocks and it would be in an ...

Will my fish tank fall through the floor? - Fish Tank Guide

    Can My Floor Support a 150 Gallon Fish Tank? As with the 125 gallon tank, there is much to consider before opting for such a large set up. The same basic principles would apply to a 150 gallon as would apply to a 125 gallon, with considerations about placement and identifying load bearing structures being important to the decision making process.

how large an aquarium can my floor support

    how large an aquarium can my floor support ... An example of typical design live loads might be 200 or 150 psf for a storage warehouse, 100 psf for a public meeting room, 50 psf for an office and 40 psf for a single family residence or apartment building. ... Someone in the forum asks if they think it is possible to place a 120 gallon tank on ...

150 Gallon Aquarium - Custom Glass Fish Tank Custom ...

    150 Gallon Aquarium Glass lids not included, but can also be purchased in the options below. The more packages you bundle, THE MORE YOU SAVE on ALL the packages! Basic - SAVE 8% on the basic 150 Gallon Sump Ready Glass Aquarium; Deluxe- SAVE 10% on the Basic and Deluxe 150 Gallon Seamless Sump Aquarium Filtration package when ordered together!

Can a 150 gallon fish tank go on a second story floor? The ...

    Oct 22, 2009 · I got a 150 gallon fish tank but i want to know if i can put it in my bedroom on the second floor. ... Princess gives a good answer but I wanted to add that you if possible should check where the support beams are in the floor. It is important to make sure that the aquarium is placed on the beams otherwise the floor might break even though it ...

Will my floor need reinforcement?? - Aquarium Forum

    Apr 01, 2011 · I am swapping from a 150 gallon to a 225 gallon and I was wondering if I would nee to reinforce my sub floor. My house is 3 years old and seem very ... I am swapping from a 150 gallon to a 225 gallon and I was wondering if I would nee to reinforce my sub floor. ... And voila, you have you strong azz beam. (This is the old school way to support ...

Will my floor support a 300 gallon tank ...

    Nov 07, 2008 · Will it support a 96"L x 24"W x 31"H tank???? I have an opportunity to purchase a 300 gallon tank with a filter system that looks brand new for $1k. I was thinking of a 125 gallon tank but, I would love to have a 300 gallon tank especially since it is such a reasonable price. I worry about the weight on my 2nd story floor. I have a 3 story house.

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