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Does the 13th amendment make forced Child support illegal ...

    Feb 02, 2011 · if america is a godly nation child support is an abomination. i still dont understand how accepting slavery as a law to pass to prohibit; prohibits its functions. so i would say no the 13 amendment does not make forced child support illegal nor any other forms of servitude that are not implicitly stated as prohibited.

Child support violates the 13th amendment - Petition2Congress

    "Child support violates the 13th amendment" Share: Child support violates the 13th amendment The child support system is broken The meaning for child support was to help the child for their needs. Most of the time this does not happen and the non custodial parent is …

Contempt Sanctions For Child Support - Reape-Rickett

    Mar 06, 2019 · With respect to involuntary servitude, the Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution prohibits slavery or involuntary servitude except as punishment for a crime. The Court stated: “A parent’s obligation to support a minor child is a social obligation that is no less important then compulsory military service, road building, jury service, or ...

Does the 13th amendment make forced Child support illegal ...

    No, child support is either a mutually agreed to "contract" between the two parties or a court ordered "judgment for support". In both cases they are legally binding and therefore enforceable - to willfully refuse to pay a judgment is a crime in most places and of course a contract is subject to remedy.

Noncustodial Extortion Payments Violate 13th Amendment

    Family court’s order to extort child support payments on a fit father denied his parental rights to support his children directly violates the 13 th amendment - "Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place ...


    Mar 04, 2018 · I'm not a lawyer, I do not practice law. My videos are for educational purposes only... If you need help getting your case dismissed email me @ [email protected]: Yahismagnified

Child Support Enforcement, is it an un-Constitutional ...

    Jan 01, 2008 · Child Support Enforcement, is it an un-Constitutional contradiction, or legalized mafia? The 13th Amendent states the following things are ILLEGAL Peonage is defined as involuntary servitude tied to the paying of a debt (CHILD SUPPORT) by the use …

Are the current child support laws a violation of the 14th ...

    To sum up your question, based on your comments, does it violate the Equal Protection Clause in that when making a decision on whether to support a child, men have to make their decision as many as nine months before a woman has to. Taken strictl...

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