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    West Virginia Child Support Guidelines award sole or joint physical custody based on the number of overnights the non-residential parent receives. Sole physical custody means that the non-residential parent is scheduled for fewer than 127 days with the children per year.

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    Feb 02, 2018 · The number of overnights that the child spends with each parent (this is only considered if the number is greater than 127 overnights); ... West Virginia Bureau for Child Support Enforcement-The BCSE website provides answers to many questions and gives the locations of local offices.

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    West Virginia has two types of shared parenting; one is basic which is where one parent has less than 127 overnights with the child. The other parenting type is extended which is defined as both parents have more than 127 overnights with the child. The amount of time each parent has with the child affects the child support amount. Child Support

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    Based on your number of children and your “Combined Monthly Income” find your “Monthly Basic Child Support Obligations” in the table below: BASIC MONTHLY CHILD SUPPORT OBLIGATION SCHEDULE COMBINED NUMBER OF CHILDREN COMBINED NUMBER OF CHILDREN INCOME ONE TWO THREE FOUR FIVE SIX INCOME ONE TWO THREE FOUR FIVE SIX $550 127 185 219 242 263 …

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    Charleston Child Support Lawyers . By statute, West Virginia has recognized that children have a right to share in their natural parents’ level of living. Therefore, child support orders are entered. Generally, the biological parent with the higher earning capacity pays a portion of that income to …

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    May 07, 2014 · In a 50/50 shared parenting plan, what about should the child support be? Father makes approximately 7500 a mnth gross and is remarried with a third child and total family of 7. Also pays for every extra cost for the two in the shared situation.

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    West Virginia courts generally aware Child Custody with parents who act in the best interest of their children. - The Law Offices of G Wayne Van Bibber ... The allocation of time can affect child support. If the parent paying child support has the child for more than 127 overnights per year they receive the extended shared parenting discount on ...

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    For example; if the noncustodial parent has 128 overnights per year , he or she will have a significant lower support obligation had it only been 127 overnights per year. When negotiating and calculating child support the number of overnights is a very iinflunetial variable.

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