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Do you have to pay child support if you have ten children ...

    Yes, general guidelines for child support are no less than 40% of the noncustodial parent's income if there are 5 or more children. This percentage may …

child support misconceptions

    Child support payments can only be spent directly on the kids. Child support payments may be used for indirect support of the kids, including housing, health insurance, and other expenses. 7. I have a right to know how my child support money is being spent.

If father has more than 10 kids, is he still responsible ...

    A: Although it may come as a surprise to some the law recognizes ongoing duties in a civilized society that follows from an effortless two minute engagement - child support, and and no there is no prize of reckless abandonment free from that responsibilities to one who might engage in more irresponsibility than the average man.

Is it true if you have over 10 kids u don't have to pay ...

    Is it true if you have over 10 kids u don't have to pay child support Can't afford rent, food, phone child support takes 60% of my check

DHHS: North Carolina Child Support Services

    North Carolina Child Support Services are available to parents and/or nonparent caretakers of minor children. Services provided by North Carolina Child Support Services include: location, establishment of paternity, establishment or modifying of child support orders, enforcement of child support orders, collection and processing of child support ordered payments.

No Child Support ? Is it Possible? - Ayo and Iken

    Final Judgments With No Child Support . In the past a No Child Support order was difficult to get. Child support used to be absolute. Mom would get the kids and Dad would pay support. But now we are in an age where there is more flexibility on which parent ends up the majority parent – the place where the kids sleep the most.


    After being with another agency for 10 years with no success, I decided to let Supportkids handle my case. Within three months, you recovered over $6,000 in one payment. I received the check last week. I highly recommend you to anyone who needs assistance in collecting child support.

Woman With No Kids Was Jailed For Failure To Pay Child Support

    Oct 08, 2018 · Woman With No Kids Was Jailed For Failure To Pay Child Support ... Nekia Jones said she was surprised to learn her driver’s license was suspended earlier this year due to unpaid child support ...Author: African Diaspora News Channel

Arkansas Child Support Guidelines Arkansas Judiciary

    Oct 10, 2016 · Arkansas Child Support Guidelines. Title PDF DOC Link; Administrative Order 10, Arkansas Child Support Guidelines : Arkansas Biweekly Family Support Chart : Arkansas Semimonthly Family Support Chart : Arkansas Weekly Family Support Chart : Monthly Family Support Chart : NEW Affidavit of Financial Means (effective October 10, 2016) ...

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