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Who's really going to support the Wii? [update 12] Engadget

    Apr 24, 2006 · Who's really going to support the Wii? ... Ross Miller. 04.24.06 ... player interacting with the game world on a whole new level.. we've even begun thinking of how to move the player and really ...

Talk:Wii/Archive 10 - Wikipedia

    The result of the debate was Not moved RN 21:18, 22 May 2006 (UTC) "Wii" vs. "Nintendo Wii" has been something of a recurring issue with this article. I archived the section to Talk:Wii/Move to Nintendo Wii and listed it in the archivebox so that others will be able to see it in the future, to help avoid this issue coming up again... hope it doesn't have to.

Talk:PlayStation 3/Archive 6 - Wikipedia

    PlayStation 3 is the correct capitalization. It's common practise in press releases to put product or company names in all caps for emphasis. -- uberpenguin @ 2006-04-24 15:42Z PlayStation 3 is the way it is capitalised. Just like PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation. --Thorpe talk 16:30, 24 April 2006 (UTC)

Talk:Wii/Archive 23 - Wikipedia

    Really, the reliability of these two sites is better than you people think. Yes, it is a guess, but no, they shouldn't be ridiculed. They are just made from an educated guess using existing numbers and updates. --NapalmRiot 20:24, 12 February 2007 (UTC)

Listen to the Final 1UP Podcast Ever

    Apr 06, 2013 · Listen to the Final 1UP Podcast Ever We got a whole bunch of people together to send off the site. By 1UP Staff, 04/06/2013 ... During the 2005/2006 days when this place was crazy popular and the podcasts were just hit after hit, my walks to class while finishing up college were made so much better because of you guys! ... I'm going to really ...

Jack Thompson (activist) - Wikipedia

    John Bruce Thompson (born July 25, 1951) is an American activist and disbarred attorney, based in Coral Gables, Florida.Thompson is known for his role as an anti-video-game activist, particularly against violence and sex in video games. During his time as an attorney, Thompson focused his legal efforts against what he perceives as obscenity in modern culture.Alma mater: Cuyahoga Falls H.S, Denison …

Electronic Arts - Wikipedia

    Electronic Arts Inc. (EA) is an American video game company headquartered in Redwood City, California.It is the second-largest gaming company in the Americas and Europe by revenue and market capitalization after Activision Blizzard and ahead of Take-Two Interactive and Ubisoft as of March 2018.. Founded and incorporated on May 27, 1982, by Apple employee Trip Hawkins, the company was a …Founded: May 27, 1982; 37 years ago in San …

White PSP ad sparks racism claims - AfterDawn

    White PSP ad sparks racism claims Written by James Delahunty @ 06 Jul 2006 5:46 User comments (210) If there is one thing Sony is most definitely good at, it's causing controversy with their advertisements for the PlayStation Portable (PSP) console.

PSP News

    In what is a hell of a turnaround even by Sony's standards, the beleaguered Tokyo giant has announced that it really is going to bestow the PlayStation 3 upon the peoples of Hong Kong and Taiwan on November 17 after all. It had previously stated that those countries would have to bide their time alongside our European brethren until March 2007.

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